Consumer Protection


Consumer protection is very broad.  Are you being charged for internet that you do not receive?  Did you buy a gift card that turned out to be worthless?  Is your bank trying to take your home without considering your loan modification application?

We can help you resolve all types of consumer claims and all of our initial consultations are free.  You may be surprised what rights and protections you have.

What is a Consumer Violation?

West Virginia Code §46A-6-104. States that, “Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.” It is that simple, and the law means what it says. Unfair and deceptive acts by unscrupulous companies, in consumer transactions, are just plain unlawful.

This means that if the conduct seems unfair or deceptive to you, it likely violates West Virginia law.  Call our office to setup a free consultation, and we will help you determine if what you’ve been subjected to was illegal.

Most cases are handled at no out of pocket cost to you.  We make the wrongdoer pay our fees.  We will not charge you anything upfront unless you approve the charge.

Common Types of Consumer Violations

Here are some common types of consumer violations we help folks with.

  • Dishonesty or misrepresentation about internet services.
  • Strange fees on bills that are sapping your hard earned money.
  • Failure to honor warranties.
  • Failure to fix a mistake in a product.
  • Illegal foreclosure or repossession.