Credit Report Errors


We offer a free credit monitoring service.  This service includes having your report looked at by a professional, having professional credit report disputes letters written, and we help you stay on top of your credit.

We are able to do this by having the credit bureaus pay us when they fail to fix your reports.  If you have a legitimate dispute on your report that the bureaus wont fix, we will go to the mat in federal court for you with no out of pocket expense to you.

We are not afraid of the credit bureaus.

Common Types of Credit Report Errors

There are a variety of common credit report problems.  Here is a list of common problems we tackle at no out-of-pocket cost to you:

  • Failing to properly report accurate payment histories
  • Reporting debts as late that are not late
  • Identity Theft
  • Reporting the same debt twice (double jeopardy)
  • Mixing up your credit information with that of somebody else
  • Failing to remove inaccurate information after a dispute
  • Reporting debts that are older than 7 years
  • Reporting of information that is just plain wrong, and the bank should know it

How to Check Your Credit Report for Errors

There are a number of ways to find errors on your report. First, pull your full credit reports from for all three credit bureaus. Make sure you review them fully. Watch out for things like:

  • Incorrect payment histories. Credit Reports often have incorrect payment history information, including entries which state you were 30 days or more late when you were not, or perhaps you were late because of a mistake by the lender. Those kinds of entries need to be corrected.
  • Double Reporting. Many companies will report a debt as delinquent, sell the debt, and leave the original report on your credit report resulting in your credit being dinged twice by the original creditor and its new owner. If the original creditor no longer owes the debt then they need to walk away and let the new owner report the debt.
  • Reporting someone else’s credit information on your report. It is not uncommon for credit information from someone else to end up on your credit report. Credit bureaus often mix folks up in their databases, and the person your file is mixed up with may not have the best credit history. Fixing this problem often requires professional help.
  • Identity theft. If your identity has been stolen, truly shocking things can start to appear on your credit. In fact, it is not uncommon for thieves to get into your credit card accounts, change the addresses, and have new cards issued to themselves. This can be disastrous for your credit and can cause huge headaches. We can help set the record straight. Identity theft cases often need professional help as they are extremely complicated.