Mortgage Abuse

We fight to stop mortgage abuses, including all types of predatory mortgage lending and servicing abuses. Through class actions and individual lawsuits, we fight to protect your home and your family from illegal foreclosures and abuse by mortgage servicing companies.
Mortgage Servicing Abuse

We assist victims of illegal mortgage servicing by banks and mortgage servicing companies. Many of our clients were promised relief from their mortgage servicer – for example, a loan modification or other assistance – that never actually came.
Many homeowners also receive harassing and abusive phone calls, and banks illegally call their friends and loved ones about their mortgage account. This is not only embarrassing, but it is also often illegal debt collection conduct.
Predatory Lending Practices

Do you think your loan is far more than your house is worth? Does your loan contain adjustable rates of interest or excessive interest rates? You may be the victim of abusive and predatory lending conduct. Unscrupulous lenders often work with manufactured home retailers and unscrupulous appraisers to trick consumers into buying homes that are worth far less than what the homes are really worth. These unscrupulous practices can leave you holding a loan that is far in excessive of your home’s value, meaning you cannot sell your home or move.